In the spirit of YeHoshua Ha Mashiach!  - MOUNT MOREH-YAH : The mountain where YeHoVaH is Our Teacher
               Mountain of YeHoVah's House

We at Mountain of Yahweh's house believe that Our Father is the Creator of Heaven and Earth and His name is YeHoVah some may call His YAHWEH. We believe that His Son who is Our Saviour, His name is Yehoshua.We believe in calling Our  Father by His name & not by a title (lord or god). We believe that YHVH is the only Creator besides Him there is no other (Deu. 4:39, Mark 12:29,32). The HOLY SPIRIT is the Spirit of YeHoVah.

Our Faith

  •  Faith in YeHoVah and the Messiah Yeshua/Yehoshua He sent
  • Distinguish between Clean and Unclean animals for consumption 
  • Keeping the Sabbath days Holy
  • Keeping the feast of YeHoVah
  • Mikvah (Baptism) of the Holy spirit
  •  We believe in keeping the Laws of YHVH,
  • We believe that YEHOSHUA is the Lamb of YeHoVaH and He paid death penalty for our sins, He is Our High Priest, and our soon coming King of Kings.
  • To worship YHVH in Truth and in Spirit, study the whole Word of YHVH i.e. Old and New Testaments. 
  • To teach and make available to others around the world, the teachings and lessons of the Holy Scripture. 
  • We believe YeHoVah's plan for Salvation is for all people, Israel and gentile, and that plan is Yehoshua which means YeHoVah is our Salvation.
  • We believe that the Holy Scripture is unique and trustworthy documents given by Yahweh,The authentication of the scripture has been supernaturally preserved.
  • We believe the Bible as a unit it cannot be divide into 2 i.e. old and new, you can not have one with out the other it is sacred. It will be a grave error to attempt to make one part of the Bible less relevant than another, or to imply that certain principles and patterns set down by YeHoVah are now obsolete or that He has changed.
  • We believe that YeHoVah’s chosen people is Israel,peculiar people set-apart for the service of YeHoVah. Also Yahweh made a promised to Abraham and his Hebrew descendants to give then the land of Israel,
  • Yahweh makes a physical distinction between Hebrew and gentile, He makes no spiritual distinction between His Jewish and gentile Believers. During the time of Scriptures Gentiles means those that don t know YeHoVah (G-d) or Idle worshipers. Today if you know YeHoVah and you are a true believers you are no more a gentile you are a child of YeHoVah.
We meet every Friday and Sabbath Day at Holy Trinity Church Hall, Queens, Avenue Winchmore Hill N21 3JF. All are welcome to come and joins for Sabbath worship
Service Time
Friday From 7 pm 
Sabbath Days (Saturdays)  From 11.00am
Telephone :- The Overseer Levite Moses 07957939809 
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