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MOUNT MOREH-YAH : The mountain where YeHoVaH is Our Teacher

In the spirit of YeHoshua Ha Mashiach!


The original names have been blotted from the consciousness of many people, but they are words of power and must be incorporated into spiritual language and life again, this is most evil error committed by the translators by removing and eliminating the name of the Most High Power Yahweh/YeHovah, and the name of His son Yehoshua the Messiah, and substituting the names of the local deities of the nations among whom they dwelt, the Canaanite deity, Adonay, both corresponding to the word, Lord.

The Almighty Creator, has been substituted by the Assyrian deity,Gawd God in English. The name of the son Yahoshua has been substituted by Jesus,Iesus and Ea-Zeus, Zeus the sky god and Zeus Soter, meaning the Zeus the saviour.

This names Lord, God, Jesus and Christ is in no way represent the true and holy meaning of the Names that were revealed from the heavenly realms to the prophets of old. By using this names people are unknowingly or knowingly using the names of deities instead of the sacred names used in the ancient days and ascribing the holy attributes of the Almighty Creator to pagan deities.

This pagan deities name are so popular today that most Christians refuse to use the sacred names of the Father and the Son. In the Hebrew text the name Jesus Christ cannot be found, even the 1611 King James Bible the first bible translated the name Jesus is not found in the text so the question is this how did the name Jesus the son of Christ came into our Holy Scripture?

The translators of the Modern Hebrew biblical text have deliberately removed the vowels and incorrectly referenced the creator’s Name in order that man would not know nor pronounce the Holy name of Yahweh/ YeHoVah. This evil Trend was initiated by the Masoric Jews, changing the vowels of the Holy Name to conceals the correct pronunciation of the Holy Name. Falsifying the Holy Name of Yahweh by this action they have broken the law of Yahweh i.e. sin against Yahweh. For Yahweh commanded man not to do (Exo 20:7), Isaiah 42:8, Jeremiah 23:26-27, John17:26. they have added and remove which was commanded not to do.

The Sacred Name of the Messiah, Yahoshua is the only name by which he was known to his disciples and the people of his day. His Name is composed of two parts Yah-Hoshua which means Yah or Yahweh (the Creator), and Hoshua- the Saviour. And she shall bring forth a Son, and thou shalt call his name Yahoshua for he shall save people from their sins” (Matthew 1:21).In the book of Numbers the same name was reveal to Moses (numbers13.16) Yehoshua is the name given by Moses to a Man named Hoshea Son of Nun. Moses was inspired by Yahweh to change the name of a grown man Hoshea to the name of our Messiah to come the same name was revealed by the angels that appeared to joseph in a dream and told him the name he will called the child. Yahoshua. Read Numbers 13:16; “these are the names of the men who Moses sent to spy out the land: but Moses called Hoshea the son of Nun Yahoshua”/Joshua in English Originally – Hoshea means He Saves, Moses changed it by adding Yah to Hoshua = Yehoshua means YehoVah Saves. or Yahweh Saves.

After the exile the name was shortened from the original Yehoshua to Yeshua. When the Hebrew text was translated to Greek text they completely change the name to the local deities called Ieous, Zeus. When the text was translated to English language, the letter J is used but in the Hebrew Language there is NO letter J hence the name Jesus the son of Christ the pagan god. The name Joshua is the transliteration of the Ieous from Greek to English not Jesus. Hoshea to Yahoshua then shortened to Yeshua after the exile then transliterated to Ieous in Greek then to English Jesus. The name Joshua would have been preferred rather than Jesus. Because the man that Moses changed his name is called Joshua today not Jesus.Acts chp 7:45, Heb 4:8 in this passages they used Joshua to describe Jesus,


“YAHWEH”: He who can rightly pronounce the Name caused heaven and earth to tremble, for it is the Name which rushes through the universe. And in all things that I said unto you be circumspect: and make no mention of the name of other gods, neither let it be heard out of thy mouth” (Ex 23: 13).

The Tetragrammatons’ or the four fold process is pronounce “YAHWEH ”The four –fold process of the Holy Name is the key that opens the door the Kingdom of Heaven, (John 10.9, 5:43, Rev 3:7-13). The four letters, Yod-Hay-Vaw Hay. That makes the Holy Name Yahweh /YeHoVah, are also a formula describing the universal process ( Mark 4.11, John 1:1-12, Rev:10; 7).

Yod – symbolized by the hand and represent the principle of force. It is the simplest in construction of all the Hebrew letters: it is the fundamental unit by which the other letters are formed; it symbolizes a flame, is masculine, active and creative, it is the principle of force

Hey – symbolized by a window, represents the principle of reception. Hey is feminine, passive and acts as the container or formative principle with respect to Yod. Hey is the principle of pattern

.Vav symbolized by a peg is the activity of force (Yod) moving through the Receiving character of Hay, to vaw, the principle of activity.

 Hey – the window, is repeated as a fourth and last letter of the Tetragrammatons''’’. Here it indicates a pattern or structure which is the result of the first three letters acting as one, the second Hay indicates manifestation of form.

The four aspect of the Tetragrammatons’ are symbolized by the four elements, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. It is important to call upon the name of the creator in Hebrew because each letter of the Hebrew Aleph Beit (alphabet) twenty-two (see picture below ) in number, is a spiritual force, a divine intelligence, a powerful energy, and emanation i.e. come from a source of power. The latters are immutable forces that can never be destroyed. When Yahweh combined them into words phrases and commands they brought about creation; the elements of fire, water and air came into being through the force of these letters energies. The Aleph Beit is the seed from which all physical expression took root and developed. These characters can be likened to living breathing entities which, if used correctly, approached with faith, meditation and Reverence can link us with the vast spiritual universal and facilitate a transformation of our reality in the physical realm. (Pro 3: 19-20; John 1:1-3) Matt 12.36,